How Commercial Lawn Care Services Can Help You

After a long summer of mowing the lawns of your commercial property, you might be thinking a break is near. But with fall and winter around the corner, new challenges are about to crop up. Who will rake the leaves? Or dead-head and winterize your landscaped beds? What about plowing snow and removing ice? Commercial properties need year-round maintenance, and if it’s more than you have time for then it might be time to hire a lawn company.

A professional lawn service can help you with the following year-round tasks to maintain your commercial property:

        • Lawnmowing, edging, and trimming: From early spring to late fall, your grass will need to be mowed regularly in order to look nice, stay up to city codes (depending on which city your business is in), and to discourage insects and animals from living there.
        • Lawn aeration: In early fall, you’ll want to aerate your lawn so that the soil with richer nutrients below can replace the lesser-nutrient soil up top. It also helps to break up thatch, which means that come spring, your lawn will be looking much healthier and greener.
        • Landscaping maintenance: From early spring to late fall, you’ll want to stay on top of any weeds that sprout up and trim back any bushes or branches, particularly those near or over walkways. As plants die off for the season in late fall, you’ll need to clear out your landscaped beds and dead-head any brown leaves and stems. For any annuals, you’ll also want to pull up the roots so that the soil is ready for new planting in spring.
        • Leaf removal: We remove leaves from yards during the fall seasonFrom early fall to as late as mid-winter, you’ll likely have leaves falling on your property. If they pile up, not only are they unsightly, but they can encourage insects and animals to live on your property and can also become slipping hazards. You’ll want leaves raked or removed regularly.
        • Ice and snow removal: During the cold winter months, especially in Central Illinois, ice and snow are common. You’ll need to clear these off sidewalks, pathways, and parking lots as soon as possible to prevent slipping and skidding, and so that people can move/drive/park as needed.

Does all of this sound like a lot? That’s because it is a lot, especially if you have multiple properties. Let us focus on caring for your lawn while you focus on your business! By working with a professional lawn care company such as Wellman’s Lawn Care, you can enjoy the following benefits:

        • Reliability: We’ll show up every time. You can count on us!
        • Consistency: The grass will never have a chance to get too tall; your shrubs and weeds will never get out of control.
        • Safety: We’ll help you avoid slipping hazards that clumps of unraked leaves or sheets of ice can cause.
        • Peace of Mind: You don’t have to remember to take care of the lawn—we’ve got you covered!
        • Frees Up Time: We focus on your lawn and outdoor maintenance while you focus on your business.

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