Benefits of Fall Lawn Care Aeration

Everyone wants a lush, green lawn, right? Even though the warm summer months may be the primary time to enjoy it here in Central Illinois, steps taken in the offseason can make a huge impact in the overall health of your grass come summertime next year.

Over time, soil compact occurs naturally, but can be accelerated by heavy foot traffic or lawn rolling. This squeezes the oxygen out of the ground and can make it difficult for oxygen, water and other nutrients to penetrate the soil.

Right around the time you’re thinking about hanging up your rake and putting the mower away for the season, it’s prime time for core aeration. Fall core aeration relieves soil compaction, allowing oxygen, water, and fertilizers easier access to the grass roots. This allows for new and deeper root growth. Using a core aerator, we “poke” thousands of finger-size holes into the lawn, removing small plugs of soil in the process. These plugs are dispersed through the lawn and disappear naturally after a few days.

It’s best to do this when the soil is soft, like after a heavy rain. While this can be done at any time throughout the year, core aeration is most effective during the fall and spring.

Combined with overseeding, core aeration can make a big difference in the appearance and health of your lawn. As long as the grass is still growing, you may need to mow late into the fall. Continue mowing on a low setting with a sharp blade, ensuring a clean cut on the grass blades. (This will also help your lawn appear greener, since jagged cuts with dull blades can brown grass.)

If you’re looking for more than just preventative lawn care during the fall, contact us about seasonal cleanup for your residential or commercial property. We can help with raking leaves, composting or mulching with leaves and grass clippings, planting seasonal flowers (like mums) and fall weed control.

At Wellman’s Lawn Care we provide free estimates for core aeration and other services, like seasonal cleanup. Just contact us today!