How To Fix A Patchy Yard

Patchy lawnBald spots in your lawn are unsightly and, if left untreated, can encourage weeds to move in. If your yard is patchy, you’ll want to start fixing it right away. Below are some tips and suggestions on how to patch up bald spots so you can start enjoying a healthy, green lawn.

Determine the Problem

Before jumping in and planting new seeds you need to get to – literally – the root of the problem. If the bald spot was caused by an obvious accident, such as a pet digging it up or construction, then the fix is pretty straightforward. But if you’re seeing more and more patches in your yard, then you might have a bigger problem. For example, maybe fungi or bugs have infested your grass. Maybe your lawn’s pH balance is off. A lawn care expert will be able to help you determine what the problem is and can also help you fix it so that any new grass you plant won’t fall victim to the same issue.

Prepare the Surface

Even after determining (and fixing) the cause of the problem, it’s still not time to plant seeds yet. You’ll need to first remove any dead grass and thatch in your bald spot. Top off with some fresh topsoil (a lawn care professional will know what’s best for your area) and smooth with a rake. Make sure the soil doesn’t have any clumps and that the new layer is level with the rest of your yard. Repeat this for all bald spots in your yard.

Plant the Seeds

Now it’s finally time to plant the seeds! Your lawncare professional will know what the best type of grass for your region is and can also tell what type of grass you already have in your yard. You don’t want to plant zoysia if you’re already growing tall fescue. Spread a thin layer of seeds over the topsoil, then rake the seeds gently into the soil. Water immediately. You can cover with straw to help retain moisture.

Keep Watering

Lawn sprinklerYou’ll need to stick to a strict watering schedule until the grass takes root. Water every morning and evening at first. Once the seeds germinate (sprout), you can reduce to watering just in the morning for the next two weeks. After that, you can reduce watering further, just be sure the grass is always a bit damp

Sound like a lot of work? That’s because it is! When patching bald spots in your lawn, even if you hire a lawn care company to help, you’ll have to stay on top of watering for 2-3 weeks in order to ensure the seeds take root and are prepared to thrive. To free up the rest of your time – and be sure the job is done right – it’s best to work with a lawn care company.

Fenced yardThe experienced team at Wellman’s Lawn Care knows exactly how to fix patchy areas in your yard. We get the job done right so that your entire lawn looks healthy and green. We are locally-owned and serve homeowners in Springfield, IL and the surrounding area. By hiring a lawn care expert, you can rest assured your yard will be free of bald spots without you having to worry about lawn maintenance. We are committed to providing the best lawn care for our clients (read testimonials from our happy clients here). Contact us today for a free estimate!