Questions to Ask When Deciding to Hire a Lawn Company

QuestionsApril showers bring May flowers—and also a need to start mowing your lawn on a regular basis. If the thought of spending your day off work pushing a mower in the heat makes you cringe, then maybe you’re ready to consider another option. How about hiring a company to mow your lawn? That is the best way to avoid the routine hassle of mowing and keep your yard looking beautiful. But before you make a decision, check out this list of questions to ask.

How many years has the lawn mowing company been in business?

A lawn service company that’s been in the business for a decade or more has demonstrated its ability to achieve customer satisfaction and provide quality lawn care services over the long term. The company has staying power, which means you can count on its team to maintain your lawn—and you don’t have to worry about the business closing overnight just when you need lawn mowing the most.

How big is the lawn service company?

You’ll want to know how many employees the company has available to handle your needs. A company with a team dedicated to lawn service likely will be more reactive than a one-man show.

What sorts of lawn care services do they provide?

Mowed lawnWhether you need mowing and trimming, fertilization, weed and pest control or other services, you’ll want to ask the company about their list of lawn care services. This offers you an idea of the breadth and scope of their lawn care knowledge. Even if you are only interested in mowing at this point, it’s always an advantage to call on a lawn care expert who can easily guide you if a lawn problem comes up during the summer mowing season.

How does their lawn mowing schedule work?

You’ll want to find out whether the lawn service company sets the mowing schedule or if you can request certain days for mowing. It’s important to know when they will be working so you can clear your yard of toys or gardening equipment before they arrive.

Do they have client testimonials?

Before you hire a company to mow your lawn, you’ll want to find out what customers are saying about the lawn care service. Some companies will point out lawns they’ve maintained in public places in your town, while others will show you client testimonials in a brochure or on their website. You might also ask about their work for professional clients and contact those clients to hear what they have to say.

Are they insured?

Find out if the company and its employees are insured before they access your property. Accidents happen and you don’t want to be liable if a mishap of any kind takes place in your yard.

How is payment handled?

Does the service offer online billing? Are you offered a discount if you prepay for a full season? It’s important to find out the terms of the company’s lawn service contracts before you agree to become a client.

Wellman's Lawn CareAfter you’ve discussed these points with a lawn mowing service, you will be ready to make your decision and get your lawn off to a great start to the season. Hiring someone to mow might seem like a big step if you are used to doing the job yourself—but making that initial call for information is easy. At Wellman’s Lawncare, we’re here to help! We are locally-owned and serve homeowners in Springfield, IL and the surrounding area, and we are happy to offer you a free estimate at any time. We are committed to providing the best lawn care for our clients. Read our testimonials to see for yourself!