Is Your Lawn Ready for Spring? Our Spring Lawn Care Do’s and Don’ts

Girl watering plantsThe longer days and extra rays of sunlight can only mean one thing: Spring is almost here! And if you have a yard, that surely means lawncare is on your mind. Instead of looking out the window and seeing a carpet of white, you’re probably concerned about seeing a carpet of brown. If you took a few steps to prepare your lawn for winter, then the job is halfway done, and if you didn’t, spring is a great time to start afresh.

Preparing your lawn for spring is actually easier than getting it suited up for winter. The sun and soil will work with you at this time of year. So how can you help?

Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts that will have your lawn looking healthy and green in no time:

Backyard lawnDon’t start the job too early: The sun is shining, the sky is blue, and you can’t wait to change the look of your yard from winter to spring. But hold on. If you tackle this task too early you might do more harm than good. Is your lawn green yet, or does it still have that brownish tinge? Wait until it turns green before you get to work, or you might damage fragile new shoots.

Lawn mower maintenanceDo check your lawn mower: Your mower’s been sitting idle for a few months now, and it might not be in the best shape to handle a full season of mowing. Check out the blade and other parts. Now is the time to take care of any problems or simply get the blade sharpened. Waiting until later in the season means service providers might be at their busiest and you might have to wait longer than you’d like.

Don’t overcut your grass: About three inches allows air to circulate and roots to cool even as days get warmer.

Do rake first. This is the perfect way to check for trouble spots like dead or compact areas. If you’re seeing a compact area, you’ll need an aerator to loosen things up so the lawn can grow again. Raking also helps to get air circulating between blades of grass and will allow damp soil to dry.

Don’t use pest control unless you need it: Pest control isn’t something to use preventatively. Get a diagnosis by a lawn care professional who can best advise you on a product that will target the problem without harming your grass or the environment.

Do check the pH of your soil. If it’s too acidic, your grass will have trouble growing. But if you’re dealing with acidic pH, not to fear! A layer of lime will do the trick. Lime will neutralize the acidity, allowing your grass to absorb nutrients and grow as it should.

Don’t overdo fertilizer: Fertilizer promotes top growth, but that can hurt roots. So, in the long-term, if you want a healthy, long-lasting lawn from the bottom up, it’s not the best strategy. This doesn’t mean “don’t fertilize.” You just need a light touch. Rather than going heavy with the fertilizer at the start of spring, it’s best to use it sparingly on an ongoing basis.
Lawn sprinkler

Do give your lawn a drink: About two inches of water a week promotes root growth and will keep your lawn hydrated and healthy throughout the year.

If this list sounds intimidating, not to worry. We can help! Our team of lawn care experts has more than a decade of experience maintaining beautiful and healthy lawns, and we would be happy to get your lawn ready for spring.

If you’re in Springfield, IL or the surrounding area in Central Illinois, contact Wellman’s Lawn Care for a free estimate. We can help take care of your residential or commercial property as much or as little as you need, any season of the year.