Winter Landscaping Tips to Liven Your Yard

So many houses have a few evergreen shrubs and some deciduous trees, and during the winter, those front yards can be boring.  You might decide to put up lights during the holiday season and add some shutters to the exterior of your home to give your house more personality, but when the middle of January comes and all you have in your yard are trees that look like dead twigs, you’ll be thinking about which projects you can do in the spring to make your house look beautiful for next year.  Here are a few tips to get you started from the pros at Wellman’s Lawn Care.

Add Berry Shrubs

One of the most classic ways to add color to your yard during the winter is to add shrubs with berries to your landscaping.  We recommend Holly since it has red berries that are in bloom during the winter and fall, and these berries can add patches of bright red against the white and brown colors that commonly predominant winter yards.  If you want a slightly different aesthetic, you can also try Beautyberry shrubs, which produce purple or white berries in the fall and often in the winter.

Try Our Ornamental Grasses

You might view ornamental grasses as a type of landscaping that you can only enjoy during the spring, summer, and maybe early autumn, but some varieties can actually add texture to your yard during the winter because dead tall grasses will capture moisture, which will crystalize into ice, creating a glistening addition to your yard. Moor Grass, Feather Reed Grass, and Blue Fescue are three types of grass that you can consider adding to your winter garden.

Beautiful Birch Trees

You might wonder if the white-on-white tones will be boring, but the aesthetic of birch trees in the winter is actually quite striking. Birch trees grow fairly quickly, but they’ll take several years to establish and grow, so birch is a type of tree that you likely only want to plant if you plan on being in your house for many years. Also, birch are prone to some diseases, so you’ll need to take care of any birch trees that you plant. If you choose to plant a birch tree or multiple birch trees, pay careful attention to placement. Most varieties love water, so you’ll need to avoid areas of the yard that dry out easily. If you have a large backyard, you can also plant several, arranged in a pattern to add visual interest.

Create Displays of Colorful, Textured Bark

If you’re used to seeing the brown, coarse bark on hickory, elm, and maple trees, you might not know about all of the colors and textures that other trees and bushes can offer. For instance, Tartarian Dogwood is a shrub that has bright red branches in the winter. Other types of Dogwood have branches that are golden or a combination of several colors. Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick trees add dimension to yards with their curling limbs, and Salix Alba Willows have red branches that stick straight in the air for a surprising appearance.

There are many types of plants that you can add to your yard that will add visual interest during all four seasons, and you should start thinking about your landscaping when it’s still cold outside and your yard has very few colors because it’s easy to become captivated by the many colors that spring and summer plants offer. You can still plant tulips, daffodils, and other bulb plants that will brighten your yard in the spring, but plan your landscaping around trees and shrubs that will add visual interest during all seasons

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