Winter Weather and Yard Maintenance

Winter lawn care tipsAs winter has made its well-known entrance in Central Illinois, it’s important to consider how the colder weather can affect your lawn, as well as what types of lawn maintenance you can do to minimize the impact of cold temperatures, snow, and ice.

Mow Your Lawn One Last Time

After mowing your lawn all summer and even into fall, you’re probably ready to put the lawnmower away and not think about it until spring. But before you do, you’ll want to give the lawn one last mow for the winter. Aim for the glass blades to be no longer than 2.5” tall. This way, as snow and ice layer on your lawn, there won’t be as much grass to get matted down.

Keeping the grass short through the winter can help prevent snow mold, a fungus that can affect a lawn under snow cover. You might not even know you have snow mold until the snow melts, revealing dead, discolored, matted patches of grass. This can lead to bald spots, which invites weeds come springtime.

Avoid Walking on the Grass

Avoid snow mold in your yardWhen you walk on cold, brittle grass – especially when covered in snow or ice – you risk breaking the blades. This not only causes unsightly damage, it makes the grass blades more vulnerable. And since grass doesn’t grow in the winter, the blades are stuck that way until spring.

If the kids want to build a snow fort or snowman, that’s OK, but be sure to break up the snow afterward so that – you guessed it – snow mold doesn’t form underneath.

We can’t control Mother Nature! Your grass will naturally go dormant in the winter and will start to lose some of its color, even turning brown. But as long as your lawn has a healthy base of soil and has been taken care of year-round, it will make it through the winter and will emerge bright and green in the spring.

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