Benefits of Hiring a Lawn Care Company

Overhead view of a landscaped home
Do you have a large lawn that takes a long time to mow? Or even a medium-sized lawn, but don’t have the time or capability to mow it? Maybe you have extensive landscaping and could use help maintaining it? Perhaps you have a few problem areas in your yard – weeds, pests, fungus, bare patches – and you don’t know how to fix them. Or do you own commercial property with a grassy area? If so, it might be time to consider hiring a lawn care company.

For a residential property, your yard is an extension of your living space and plays a huge part in your home’s curb appeal. Hiring a lawn care professional can ensure that the outside of your home looks as good as the inside, all while freeing up time for you. For a commercial property, the grass and landscaping surrounding your building are a reflection of your business, and chances are you’re too busy working on your own business to have time for lawn maintenance.

Here we share just a few of the many benefits of hiring a lawn care company for your lawn maintenance needs.

Services a Lawn Care Company Can Provide

Mowed LawnWhen hiring a lawn care company, you can hire them for just the services you need. For example, you might want them to handle the items that take you the longest time, the things you don’t particularly enjoy doing, or the things you don’t have the right equipment for. Maybe you’d like them to take care of your lawn while you handle weeding your flowerbeds. A good lawn care company will be flexible and provide an estimate for just the work you need!

Lawn care services you might want to outsource could include:

      • Mowing and trimming
      • Edging
      • Weed control
      • Pest control
      • Fertilization
      • Aeration
      • Irrigation

You might also want help with landscape services, such as:

      • Bed maintenance
      • Pruning/shrub trimming
      • Mulching
      • Planting
      • Rock

One thing’s for sure – when you hire a reputable lawn care professional, you’ll have a great-looking lawn without all the work!

Lawn Care Know-How

Do you know the difference between edging and trimming? When should you cut your grass shorter and when should you leave it a little longer? Can you recognize the difference between grass that is brown due to fungus and grass that is brown from lack of water? Lawn care experts know the answers to all these questions and more. They can assess your lawn and provide exactly what your lawn needs to thrive.

Lawn Care Tools & Equipment

Freshly Mowed LawnMany homeowners have lawnmowers, but it gets costly to purchase edgers, trimmers, and leaf blowers, not to mention all the special tools needed for fertilization, over-seeding, and aeration. And some of those things only need to be done a few times per year. In many cases it might make more sense to hire a professional instead of purchasing (and storing) all that equipment yourself – especially in the case of commercial properties where you might not even have space to store lawn equipment.

The pros will know exactly how to use all the equipment, which means no pushing a heavy lawnmower or struggling with an extension cord on a leaf blower. They can bring all the necessary equipment on-site for the job and leave nothing but a nice-looking lawn when they’re done.

Leave Lawn Care to the Experts – and Enjoy Your Free Time!

Lawn Care ProjectEven if you don’t mind mowing your lawn, it still takes time every week. And it takes even more time if you want to add the finishing touches of edging and trimming that really take your lawn to the next level. When you hire a lawn care expert, you can free up a few hours a week – time that can be spent on other areas of your yard or on something else entirely!

If you’re looking to hire a lawn care company, Wellman’s Lawn Care can help. We are locally-owned and serve homeowners and business owners in Springfield, IL and the surrounding area. By hiring a lawn care expert, you’ll have more time to sit back and relax or enjoy outdoor activities, without worrying about yard maintenance. We are committed to providing the best landscape maintenance for our clients (you can read testimonials from our happy clients here). Contact us today for a free estimate!