Buried Downspouts

Buried Downspout Installation

The most important reason to bury a downspout, besides aesthetics, is to carry water away from the foundation. If water were to sit and pool around the foundation it would eventually weaken the foundation and compromise the safety of the home. This, of course, is dependent on how much rain the home receives. Continual rainfall for extended periods of time will produce a lot more pressure than a few brief showers every once in a while. Unfortunately, we cannot always predict what our seasons will bring us and a lot of homeowners would rather be safe than sorry.

Cleaning mud from around a French drainThe buried draintile is attached to the downspout and is angled slightly away from the house to force water away from the foundation. The distance away from the house is determined by the space available, property lines, and drainage patterns specific to each site. The draintile can empty into a French drain, a trench full of gravel, which is intended for larger quantities of water. Or it can empty into a smaller amount of gravel with a tee connector and grate at the surface to allow water to percolate and spread out.

Drainage issues must be approached on a site by site basis. This one solution will apply to most downspouts, but not all situations. Our landscape professionals can give you the best solution for your property. We can also help you with rain collection to help in conservation of water as well, including rain gardens, rain barrels, and recycling water features.

Buried Downspouts Service Areas

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French drain percolation tee