Grub and Insect Control

Insects and grubs can create unsightly bare spots or completely destroy a beautiful lawn. Grubs feed on the roots underground, and eventually turn into adult beetles that eat the leaves of other prized plants in your lawn and garden.  We recommend treating your lawn with a chemical grub control product, or grub killer, once or twice a year.

Hundreds of insect species damage leaves, stems, branches, and roots, as well as flowers and fruit of landscape plants. But not all insects on trees and shrubs are damaging. Some are beneficial and may help pollinate flowers or could be predators or parasites on insects that damage plants.

When it comes to preventing pests and plant diseases in your yard, count on Wellman’s to provide the right treatment every time.

If you think your trees, shrubs, or lawn have something wrong with them, please contact us and we’ll provide a free estimate for treatment.

Grub and Insect Control Service Area

We’re here to serve you! We service homes, schools, clinics, business office parks, and more. Our service area includes: