Springfield Lawn Fertilization Service

If you want a healthy and luscious-looking lawn, it takes more than just watering and mowing it regularly. Fertilizing your lawn is an important aspect of lawn care that most people don’t ever consider. When it comes to fertilizing your yard, we focus on the 3 important components that go into it:

Using the right ingredients: Lawn fertilizer is comprised of three major nutrients:  nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium. Nitrogen makes grass plants grow and become greener; phosphorus stimulates root growth and seedling development, and potassium promotes disease tolerance as well as drought tolerance.

Timing: Timing of fertilization treatments is also important to achieve a healthy-looking yard. Proper lawn fertilizing factors in “nitrogen release rate.” How fast the nitrogen is released determines how fast the grass will green up, how much it will grow, and how long the results will last. Lawn grasses require a steady and controlled feeding to create a thick, green lawn that is free of patches.

Proper distribution: According to the University of Illinois, two important factors to consider when fertilizing lawns are how much and when to apply. About three pounds of nitrogen per 1,000 square feet per growing season is suggested for most full-sun lawns.

Fertilizing on the right schedule with the right ingredients works best when the proper amount is applied to your lawn. For a free estimate on lawn fertilizing and other lawn care services, contact Wellman’s Lawn Care today!

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