Springfield Lawn Mowing Service

When it comes to mowing the lawn, let the experts at Wellman’s Lawn Care service your yard. Hiring us to mow your lawn gives you the freedom to enjoy your outdoor living space. Driven by a culture of commitment to excellence and a focus on customer service, we provide the best lawn mowing service in Springfield and the surrounding area.

The Lawn Care Your Yard Deserves

Mowed lawn
On a typical mowing visit, you can expect to see the lawn cut in a straight lined pattern, opposite in direction from the prior cutting. Alternating the mowing direction from visit to visit prevents the grass from being trained to “lay down”, which can cause it to be missed by the mower blades. Once the grass has been cut, a string trimmer is used to touch-up areas inaccessible to the mower. These areas include grass near building foundations and trees, under swingsets, and around any other permanent lawn fixture.

Upon service completion, we make sure that driveways, sidewalks, patios, and all other hard surfaces are cleared of any grass clippings.

Weekly Lawn Maintenance

In general, it has been our experience that lawn mowing is a weekly service, with some exceptions due to aggressive fertilization or watering. Lawns during the months of May and September often require more frequent service visits, where in July and August, dry conditions typically leave grass dormant and “un-mowable” for weeks. Pricing for lawn mowing requires a visit to the property, as there are many factors to consider. Lawn size, contour, amount of trimming required, and the accessibility for our equipment (e.g. fenced-in backyards) all play a role in a lawn’s per trip mowing price.

How Quickly Does Grass Grow?

A variety of conditions determine the rate at which grass will grow. Weather, time of year, type of grass, fertilization, and soil conditions all contribute to a lawn’s growth rate. We take all of these factors into consideration when determining the ideal mowing frequency and height for your yard.

Lawn Mowing Tip

The generally accepted rule of thumb is to mow at a rate such that only the top third of the grass blade is removed per cutting. Slicing too deeply into the stems can cause grass to become more susceptible to disease and burn-out more easily during dry periods.

Lawn Mowing and Lawn Maintenance Service Area

We’re here to serve you! We service homes, schools, clinics, business office parks, and more. Our service area includes: