If the pH in your soil isn’t at the right level, your lawn is going to struggle!

A lawn that appears thin, discolored, or has moss, despite regular watering and fertilization, may be experiencing a low soil pH.  Issues of low soil pH (below 6.5) can easily be remedied by the application of lime.

Lime comes either in powdered or pelletized form, and is applied to the lawn via a broadcast spreader.  Liming neutralizes the soil, which makes nutrients from fertilizers more available to your grass.  This results in greener, thicker grass that is more resilient to weed infestation.

Lime can be applied at any time during the lawn care season, though the service is most commonly performed in the Spring.  Testing your soil pH (which we can do) is a good way to determine whether or not your lawn would benefit from liming.

Lawns need healthy PH

A Healthy Lawn Has a pH of 6.5 or Higher

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