Springfield Mulch Installation

If you’re looking to spread mulch in your yard or do an initial mulch installation, let the experts at Wellman’s Lawn Care service your yard. We can take care of your mulching needs, freeing you up to enjoy your outdoor living space. Driven by a culture of commitment to excellence and a focus on customer service, we provide top mulching service in Springfield and the surrounding area.

Quality Mulch Installation

Mulch Installation
We install mulch in the spring, summer, or fall to help give your yard a polished, finished look and to prevent weeds from growing in your beds. We can use any of the following mulches:

  • hardwood mulch
  • hardwood mulch that has been dyed brown, red or black
  • cedar mulch

Why Should I Install Mulch In My Yard?

Mulch retains moisture in the soil so you need to water less, and it helps prevent germination of weed seeds reducing the need for weed killers. It keeps the soil warm in winter and cool in summer and gives your planting beds a clean, finished look.

How Often Should I Spread Mulch?

We usually recommend installing a fresh layer of mulch each spring in all your beds. If you have any new beds, we can do mulch installation there as well. In the fall, you can also put one last layer before winter, particularly if you’ve done any new work in your beds for fall, such as planting fall flowers like mums or marigolds.

Mulching Tips

Before spreading mulch in your yard, you’ll want to be sure to do the following:

  1. Pull all the weeds
  2. Even out the ground with a rake
  3. Clearly define the edges where you’ll be mulching

As part of our mulching service, we can help with the above tasks as well.

Mulching and Mulch Installation Service Area

We’re here to serve you! We service homes, schools, clinics, business office parks, and more. Our service area includes: