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5 Reasons Why You Need Spring Lawn Care Services

Springtime is the perfect season for cleaning up the outside of your home after a long and cold winter. Now that the snow has melted and flowers and starting to bloom, it’s time to get started on crafting the perfect lawn for you and your family to enjoy this summer. At Wellman’s Lawn Care in Springfield, IL, we offer a variety of seasonal lawn care services including fertilization, weed control, and custom landscaping to keep your lawn looking manicured all season long. For more information on why you need to invest in our spring lawn care services, keep reading below!

Increases Curb Appeal & Property Value

One of the major benefits of investing in spring lawn care services is the increase in curb appeal and property value that it brings to your home in Springfield, IL. Let’s face it, homeowners love well-maintained and manicured lawns, so if you are trying to sell your home or just show off your stunning property, our spring landscaping and lawn maintenance services at Wellman’s Lawn Care are the perfect fit for you.

Regular Lawn Care Prevents Pests

Professional landscaping contractor in a green uniform spraying spring grass with pest control chemicals in Springfield, IL

It is never fun to discover swarms of pests in your trees, bushes, or around your property. Many insects can burrow into the ground, causing damage to your roots, grass, and soil if not taken care of properly. Thankfully, your local lawn & landscaping experts at Wellman’s Lawn Care offer a variety of pest control services during your spring landscaping services to prevent any further decay to your lawn. Speak with one of our professional pest control contractors in Springfield, IL today for additional information on the proper treatment for your yard.

Lawn Care Saves You Money on Landscaping

It’s no secret that landscaping requires a good sum of money regardless of the size of your lawn. Don’t spend all of your hard earn savings on buying mulch, fertilizer, weed killer, soil, and fresh flowers, call your local lawn maintenance company, Wellman’s Lawn Care in Springfield, IL. We help customers save money on their landscaping services by providing quality tools, products, and labor for an affordable and fair price. Let our experts handle your spring lawn maintenance!

Allows Your Grass & Flowers to Grow Quicker

Another reason why spring lawn care services are a worthy investment is due to the fast-growing health of your lawn and garden. To keep your lawn thriving all spring and summer long, your lawn should receive a hefty dose of fertilizer at least twice a year. This will allow nutrients to store themselves in the soil beneath your trees, bushes, and plants, allowing them to survive even in the cold Springfield, IL winter. Let our experts take of your lawn this spring with quality seasonal landscaping services.

Control Weed Growth

Person wearing a grey and blue glove pulling weeds out of a residential lawn in the spring in Springfield, IL

Spring lawn care services are great for controlling the weeds that will inevitably end up in the cracks of your home or on the edge of your property. While store-bought fertilizer and weed killer will help to control the growth of your weeds, they do not help eliminate them. At Wellman’s Lawn Care in Springfield, IL we offer quality seasonal clean-up services in your local area. Our contractors will spray pre-emergent herbicides around your property to prevent weeds from sprouting in the spring.

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