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How To Keep Your Lawn Healthy in the Summer Heat

With summer approaching, maintaining your grass is going to become a part of your routine. When you put a lot of effort into your lawn, you want it to always look its best. However, the summer heat can quickly jeopardize the look of your lawn. For you to have a green and luscious lawn this summer, you are going to have to do more than just water and mow your lawn. Wellman’s Lawn Care has created a list of some things you can add to your lawn maintenance routine to help keep your lawn looking great this summer! If you need help with lawn care this summer, our team of professionals can provide all the services mentioned below. You can call us at (217) 502-2540 today to learn more!

Water Early and Water Deeply

Watering your lawn is one of the most crucial things you can do for a green lawn. However, it is not as easy as just watering it. For it to be effective, you should water your lawn early in the day and water deeply. The best time to water your lawn is around 5 AM and 10 AM so that your lawn to prevent fungal infections. When you water your grass, it is best to do it at most once a week to ensure a deep and healthy root system of your grass. If you water frequently, your grass will not grow the root system it needs for the lawn you are wanting. Finding the time and schedule to water your lawn can be difficult, that is why we offer the Springfield, IL area with irrigation system installation so you don’t have to sweat about it!

Mow High

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The way you mow your lawn can greatly impact the way your grass looks. If you mow your lawn too short, you won’t get the nice green lawn you want this summer. Instead, set your lawnmower on one of the highest settings and mow your lawn more often. Taller grass provides better shade to the roots of your grass and will result in longer roots, which can then reach for moisture on those very hot and dry summer days. By not cutting more than a third of your lawn’s total height when mowing, you are sure to see a drastic change to your lawn’s overall look. If you can’t find the time to mow yourself or would rather have a professional service take care of your lawn care, Wellman’s Lawn Care offers quality lawn mowing and trimming services in Springfield, Illinois.

Don’t Mow in the Sun

Who likes to mow in the sun? Well, grass doesn’t like to be mowed in the summer sun either. When you decide to mow your grass in the middle of a sunny summer day, you are doing more harm than good. Mowing grass in the sun adds double the stress on your lawn. The combination of being cut with the stress from the summer heat can greatly affect the health of your lawn. If you want a green lawn this summer, it is best to mow earlier in the day or wait till evening when the temperature starts to cool. Contact us today to handle your mowing needs!

Fertilize Regularly

Small business lawn care company providing fertilization services with TURFCO® equipment in Springfield, Illinois

How often should you fertilize your lawn? Most believe once a year is sufficient enough for a healthy lawn, however, that is not the case at all. The lawn experts at Wellman’s Lawn Care recommend feeding your lawn routinely every six to eight weeks. It only takes that long for the soil to process most of the nutrients from the fertilizer you put down. Just like most living things, grass also needs to feed regularly. Our team of lawn care professionals can provide routine lawn feeding services so you don’t have to find the time to do it yourself. With the help of routine fertilizing, your lawn will look flawless in no time!

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