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COVID19 Response


Hello Friends!

This is normally the time and place where we would be updating you on what’s happening outdoors this month. Our company goal is to make lives easier for our customers and prospective clients but also employees and everyone in our community who is associated with Wellman’s Lawn Care.  Part of achieving that goal every day is making sure all those people are safe at work, at home and everywhere in our community. We thank you for allowing us to accomplish our goal by serving you and your property.

The reality is, as a community, we may be restricted to our homes and offices for some time. Mother Nature keeps her own calendar and accordingly in order to keep your lawn and landscape looking great, we are proceeding with all our spring work as scheduled and as weather permits. Some services you may be scheduled for very soon may include:

  • Early Spring Lawn Application
  • Pruning, Mulch Installation & Spring Cleanup
  • Weekly Lawn Mowing: (Starting this week or next)
  • Sprinkler Turn On & Inspect or Sprinkler Repair (Starting in April)

All employees are strictly following social distancing guidelines, if one of our employees is at work; we are certain they are following these guidelines and are as safe as possible to perform any services at your home. Please do not be offended if our staff does not extend their hands when greeting you. We are instructing everyone on our staff to greet folks with a smile rather than any form of physical contact until this situation passes.

We will no longer leave any paper behind that needs to be handled by any of our customers. We will post our normal lawn signs after any lawn care treatments and you should wait 3 days to remove those signs after the service is complete. Any important notes, along with after service invoices will be emailed the day after services are completed. If you currently receive a paper invoice we strongly urge you to call the office and provide us an email address to forward your invoice to.  We also recommend using our online payment system or enrolling in auto-credit card-billing to further reduce human to human contact.

At the office, we are connected to all our staff through smart-phones, so any instructions or details you wish to share can be immediately communicated from the office to the field. The result of our proactive approach to communication makes it so we can put you in touch with anyone here at Wellman’s Lawn Care who can answer any question you may have, within minutes of your call.

Everyone at Wellman’s Lawn Care is doing well and we truly wish the same for all of you. We look forward to seeing you soon, if only from a distance and we are always available to visit by phone or email. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you or your home to make this time easier.

Your Wellman’s Lawn Care Family