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Lawn Care

Quality Lawn Mowing, Trimming, & Pest Control Services in Springfield Illinois

Is your lawn looking dull and malnourished? Keep your lawn green and healthy with regular lawn care services from Wellman’s Lawn Care in Springfield, Illinois, and the surrounding areas. We offer a variety of lawn maintenance services to residential and commercial customers including mowing, trimming, edging, pest control, and more! Not only do we guarantee that your lawn will look professionally maintained after one visit, but we make sure to keep everything from the tip of the blades to the roots healthy all year round. Contact Wellman’s Lawn Care today for competitive pricing and quality that is never compromised. We offer free estimates on all of our services!


Wellman’s Lawn Care offers 4 levels for our landscape and lawn care services. Click below for explanations on each level.

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Mowing & Trimming

At Wellman’s Lawn Care, we believe in giving every one of our customers a beautiful and well-manicured lawn, that’s why we invest in the highest-rated lawn mowing and trimming equipment on the market. Our experienced contractors determine the best possible mowing direction for your lawn depending on the previous cut and use a string trimmer to touch up any missed or inaccessible areas. Don’t worry, we also make sure that your driveways, sidewalks, patios, and other hard surfaces are all cleared of grass clippings before completing the job.  

Lawn Edging

Lawn edging is a technique that creates a permanent divider between your lawn and a separate area of your yard like a garden, play area, or pathway. At Wellman’s Lawn Care we offer a variety of different edging styles to choose from to compliment your home and property in Springfield, Illinois. If you are interested in our lawn edging services, call 217.502.2540 today, and get a free estimate on your next lawn care job!

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Weed & Pest Control

While regular lawn care services are great for keeping your property healthy and manicured, some elements are out of your control, threatening the safety of your plants and trees. If your lawn or garden is overcome with weeds or pests, we know just the technique to eliminate them fast and efficiently without harming the grass, flowers, or soil in the process. If you start to notice yellow, brown, or black spots in your yard or obvious signs of pest infestation, contact us today!

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Let the experts at Wellman’s Lawn Care service your residential or commercial lawn today with quality mulch installation services. Adding mulch to your yard not only adds to the curb appeal of your property, but it protects your plants, shrubs, and soil from harsh weather conditions, pests, and weeds. We offer a variety of best mulching services in Springfield, IL, call us now at 217.502.2540 and we’ll give you a free estimate on your home or business today!

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If you want your lawn to look a healthy a luscious green, it will take more than just mowing and watering to do the trick. Many homeowners are unaware of the benefits that fertilizing their lawn can have. Luckily, our lawn care experts have been fertilizing properties throughout Springfield, IL for over 13 years with satisfied customers. The key to accurately fertilizing your property is to use the right ingredients, time the treatments properly, and use the correct amount of product depending on the size of your lot.

Lawn Aeration

To keep your lawn healthy, you have to start at the roots. Grassroots require a specific amount of oxygen to continue growing properly, however, areas of your lawn that are frequently walked on or continuously receiving pressure from large objects will naturally suffer from soil compaction. This means that the oxygen levels within your soil and roots have depleted, making it impossible for nutrients to get below the Earth. At Wellman’s Lawn Care, we provide lawn aeration services to keep your lawn healthy and stable all year round.

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Installing a professional irrigation system on your property is more affordable than you may think. Not only are lawn irrigation systems extremely convenient for watering your grass, but it allows you to control the amount of water being used, saving you money on overwatering costs throughout the year. Whether you own a mansion or a small home in the Springfield, IL area, our irrigation systems are perfect for any property size!


A lawn that appears thin, discolored, or has moss, despite regular watering and fertilization, may be experiencing a low soil PH. Issues of low soil pH (below 6.5) can easily be remedied by the application of lime.

Lime comes either in powdered or pelletized form and is applied to the lawn via a broadcast spreader. Liming neutralizes the soil, which makes nutrients from fertilizers more available to your grass. This results in greener, thicker grass that is more resilient to weed infestation.

Lime can be applied at any time during the lawn care season, though the service is most performed in the Spring. Testing your soil pH (which we can do) is a good way to determine whether your lawn would benefit from liming.

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This is the best method for overseeding established turf. Slit-seeders have vertical cutting blades that cut through the thatch layer and open up a slit or miniature furrow in the soil. The depth of the slit or miniature furrow is based on the type of grass seed used. A general rule of thumb is to go no deeper than half the length of the grass seed husk. The slit-seeding unit should have concave disk blades that follow in the slits and keep them open while the seed is dropped; it ensures the seed gets into the soil where it can germinate.

Slit-seeding generally takes less seed than broadcast seeding, because most of the seed gets into the soil so it can germinate. More seed-to-soil contact means a higher germination rate and a better stand of new grass. Get a strong, healthy, green yard. Call us at 217.502.2540.


Over-seeding is simply the distribution of new grass seed, via walk-behind broadcast spreader, to an area where turf has already been established (this typically means your whole yard). Best results are attained when this is done in either early spring or fall, but we can provide the service at any time during the lawn care season. The primary purpose of over-seeding is to increase lawn density, thus making it less susceptible to disease, weed infestation, and loss of grass due to drought.

The seed we generally use when overseeding is a Sun and Shade Mix. Designed for lawns in our region, it is a mix of Kentucky Bluegrass, Turf type tall fescue, and Perennial Ryegrass. Though this is our mixture of choice, we are happy to accommodate other preferences.

A seed starter fertilizer may be used to aid seed in germination and initial growth. For more information, or to schedule your seeding, call our office at 217.502.2540.

Lawn Care Programs

Our lawn care programs are designed to ensure the utmost health of your property regardless of the size. We fertilize our customer’s land 5 times per season depending on the start of the first treatment. All of our treatments begin and end in the early spring, late spring, summer, fall, and late fall. If your lawn is suffering from broadleaf weeds or white grubs, speak with one of our specialists on when the appropriate time to treat them would be.

We offer Residential, Commercial, and Athletic Fertilizer Programs. Click the button now to learn more!

Why Wellman’s Lawn Care?

With over 13 years of experience, Wellman’s Lawn Care is one of the top-rated lawn care and landscaping maintenance companies serving Springfield, IL, and the surrounding areas. We specialize in both residential and commercial lawn care services to give customers healthy and beautiful properties that stay like that all year round. We understand how important it is for you to have an outdoor space that you love, that’s why we are dedicated to customizing your landscaping and lawn care services to fit your property’s specific needs. Call us today at (217) 502-2540 for a free estimate on your next lawn maintenance service.