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Why Fall is the Perfect Time to Plant These 4 Flowers

When we think about planting flowers we usually think about spring or summer. However, there are a few flowers that thrive during the fall that we recommend planting once the weather becomes cooler. These flowers can add a nice cozy feel to your home once fall starts to take over. You can plant these flowers in your garden bed, hanging baskets, or even window boxes. Do you need help with planting fall flowers? The team at Wellman’s Lawncare can provide the necessary services so that your home has flowers year-round. Call us at (217) 502-2540 to learn more! Listed below are four popular flowers to plant during the fall season!


Celosia flowers are feather-like flowers that range in colors like purples, yellows, and orange. They are easy to care for and are ideal flowers for beginner gardeners. Celosias are drought-tolerant so they can go a while without needing to be watered. You can see celosia flowers begin to bloom from mid-summer to mid-autumn. The colors and requirements make them a perfect addition to your garden during the fall months. Our team of professionals can plant a wide selection of annual flowers like celosias.

Purple Violas planted in fall by lawn care experts in Springfield, Illinois


Viola flowers are one of the few flowers you can find blooming in the middle of winter. They love the cold weather and can even survive a dusting of snow! If you want flowers on your lawn all year long, we recommend planting some violas so that even when your other flowers are not in bloom, your violas will be radiant as ever. The best time to plant violas on your property is when the weather is cool, making fall the perfect time to plant your viola flowers.


For a wide variety of color options for your fall flower garden, zinnia flowers are your best option! They come in an array of bright and pastel colors. You can even find zinnia flowers that are bi-color, tri-color, single petals, semi-doubles, and doubles. There is a zinnia for every occasion! They are also fast-growing and can grow in just six to eight weeks if planted from seed. If you add Zinnias to your garden, you can find them in bloom from summer to frost! As part of our landscaping services, we can plant zinnia flowers for you so that you have the perfect lawn for the fall season!

Orange Marigold flowers planted in the fall by professional lawn care service in Springfield, Illinois.


Marigolds are a popular choice of flower for most homes or businesses in the area. These flowers resemble pom-poms and bloom in beautiful fall colors. You can find marigolds in bloom all summer and well into fall until the first frost hits. They are the perfect flower to plant this fall, especially with their fall colors such as orange and yellow. If you hire our team to plant your flowers for you, we can also offer our quality fall clean-up service to remove those pesky leaves so that your lawn looks flawless this fall.

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