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Snow covering a residential lawn in Springfield, IL that is properly maintained by landscaping professionals.

Tips on Preparing Your Lawn for the Winter

To achieve a lush, healthy lawn in the spring, it’s important to prepare your Springfield, IL, lawn for the long winter season and its tumultuous weather. Wellman’s Lawn Care features both residential and commercial lawn care services. Providing winter lawn care is just one of the seasonal solutions we offer. Keep reading below for a few tips on how to perform the proper winter lawn maintenance so that your turf is ready for the upcoming cold season.

Seasonal Cleanup

One of the best ways to achieve optimum winter lawn care is to perform seasonal cleanup of those beautiful autumn leaves. While scattered leaves can provide your grass with nutrients as they deteriorate, piles of leaves or a layer of matted leaves will deprive your lawn of sunshine and air, even resulting in mold growth if left to rot too long.

To ensure that your turf has access to sunlight and good air circulation, it’s best to remove leaves as well as any other debris. Keep your lawn clear of lawn furniture, kids’ toys, or any other items that could leave that section of your lawn vulnerable to mold.

A residential lawn in the winter in Springfield, IL that has undergone aeration services from professional lawn care and landscaping company.


Both our seasonal residential lawn care and commercial lawn care services in Springfield, IL include aeration. Aerating a lawn provides it with improved air circulation and eliminates soil compaction that can detract from a lush, healthy lawn. When the soil has been aerated, nutrients, air, and water will find it easier to penetrate the soil and support the health of your grass. Aeration should be a cornerstone of your winter lawn preparation plan.


While aerating your lawn in Springfield, IL, our landscaping pros will also keep a lookout for dry, patchy areas that could use reseeding. Reseeding your lawn in fall can promote thick, healthy lawn growth in spring. When a lawn is thick and healthy, it has an easier time warding off weed growth even without much help from the gardener.

A person holding a handful of lawn fertilizer over a residential lawn in Springfield, IL to get the yard ready for winter.


After aerating the lawn, we apply fertilizer. Fertilizer will give your grass a nutrient boost before it transitions to its dormancy period. The aeration allows the fertilizer to penetrate the soil more easily. Once the spring arrives, your lawn will have a hidden store of nutrients to depend on as it comes out of dormancy. Fall fertilizing supports the health of your grass, fending off pests, diseases, and weeds when warm weather picks back up again.

Trimming and Edging

Trimming and edging lawns and flowerbeds are also part of a winter landscape care regimen. Trimming shrubs, for instance, allows sunlight to more easily reach the surrounding grass. Edging is helpful because it provides a root barrier around the lawn, protecting it from invasive lawn grasses. Wellman’s Lawn Care features trimming and edging as part of our seasonal cleanup and landscaping solutions.

From aeration and fertilization to seasonal cleanup and reseeding, our solutions will prepare your lawn for the long winter ahead. Contact Wellman’s Lawn Care at (217) 502-2540 to schedule winter lawn care services. We’re known for our custom solutions and affordable prices.

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