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A commercial plow removing snow from a business parking lot in Springfield, IL thanks to expert snow removal services.

Why You Should Invest in Professional Snow Removal Services

Residents of Springfield, IL, enjoy four distinct seasons, but when snow and ice pile up during winter storms, it can be difficult to get much enjoyment out of it. Heavy snowfall can block your walkways, driveway, or parking areas at your business that prevent you from going about your day-to-day life. Fortunately, there is a solution. Our professional snow removal services at Wellman’s Lawn Care are here to remove the stress from those blistering winter days. Our winter lawn care team will remove the snow and ice from your premises so that you can live and work as normal. With the stress of snow removal off your shoulders, you might even find yourself enjoying a nice winter storm! Here are four reasons to invest in professional snow removal services. Call our Wellman’s Lawn Care team today to learn more.

A yellow commercial salting vehicle laying salt on a residential or commercial walkway in Springfield, IL after snow removal service.


Iced-over sidewalks and driveways are more than just an annoyance. They can be a major safety hazard, especially if you have elderly relatives or small children. Ice is not only slippery but one of the hardest substances on Earth — a bad combination for anyone, particularly someone with brittle bones who’s vulnerable to the effects of a fall. If you have a long driveway or live on a hill, you risk injury and vehicle damage by attempting to drive on a snowy or icy driveway. Our professionals at Wellman’s Lawn Care in Springfield, IL can clear snow and ice from your driveway and walkways quickly and completely while you and your family remain safe in your warm house.


If someone gets hurt on your property — whether at your home or business — because they slipped on snow or ice that had not been cleared after a winter storm, you could face financial liability. Personal injury lawyers start licking their chops when a winter storm is forecasted, as they know they’ll get lots of calls in the aftermath. The cost of professional snow and ice removal from Wellman’s Lawn Care is a fraction of what you’ll pay in court costs and attorney’s fees if someone slips on your property and sues you.

A beautiful residential home in Springfield, IL with a freshly plowed driveway thanks to professional snow removal services from Wellman’s Lawn Care.


You could clear the snow and ice from your property yourself, but if you’re like most busy Americans, you have a thousand other things to do. So why not leave it to the snow removal pros at Wellman’s Lawn Care in Springfield, IL, who do this for a living? By having a professional clear the area around your home or business after a winter storm, you can focus on your work and your family.

Peace of Mind

Even if you rationalize that the chance of someone falling and getting hurt on your snow-and-ice-covered driveway — and potentially suing you afterward — is low, you know it isn’t zero, so why worry about that remote chance? Especially when professional snow removal from the pros at Wellman’s Lawn Care is fast and affordable. Contact us today to learn more!

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