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Early Spring Lawn Maintenance Tips to Start the Season

As much of the U.S. copes with freezing temperatures, Wellman’s Lawn Care gears up for spring. Most grass lawns go dormant in cold temperatures then come to life when it warms up.  As warmer temperatures bathe the ground, grass and other vegetation quickly spring to life – sometimes within a few days. For reliable seasonal lawn care in Springfield IL, contact Wellman’s Lawn Care and arrange an appointment. We’ll get you started on a lawn maintenance program that takes advantage of new spring growth.

Tip One: Start Early

When new grass shoots emerge from the ground in the Springfield, IL, area, you should be prepared to help it thrive.  Wellman’s Lawn Care offers customers a yearly or seasonal lawn care maintenance program. That’s where we step in with specialized lawn maintenance. We examine your lawn and the landscaping around your home or business. Early spring is a good time to arrange a yard maintenance schedule. 

You’ll need to set up a regular watering schedule, but not until after the last winter freeze. It’s crucial that you don’t over-water your lawn, especially if you need to re-seed. Your lawn may need aeration, so oxygen can mix with the soil and take in fertilizer efficiently.

Tip Two: Fertilize 

Apply fertilizer as early as possible in the spring. For Springfield, IL, residents who start lawn care in the spring, we recommend service level four because it has an early spring lawn care program. Wellman’s Lawn Care has a six-step fertilizing program starting in early spring. We also apply a crabgrass preventer for maximum lawn health. By the way, we don’t insist you start service level four. We do that if all you need is weekly lawn mowing and edging.

Use slow-release fertilizer so that the lawn gets nutrients between mowings. The most common mix is a 20-5-10 fertilizer (20% nitrogen, 5% phosphate, and 10% potassium). Ask your Wellman’s Lawn Care specialist about your lawn’s fertilizer needs.

Tip Three: Re-Seed

Your lawn may have brown spots where the grass doesn’t grow back or slows down. Early spring is the best time to fix this. All you need is grass seed and a way of applying it. Wellman’s Lawn Care does this. However, if you reseed your lawn, apply a layer of hay to keep birds from eating the seeds. New grass should sprout in about three weeks.

Flexible Appointment Times

We offer four service levels that combine specific attributes of your yards and lawn maintenance. We also offer landscaping and trimming services, traditional mowing, and lawn care. Call Wellman’s Lawn Care at 217.502.2540 for all your mowing and landscaping needs. We specialize in helping homes and businesses take their weekends back. We’ve been serving the Springfield IL area for thirteen years. Call today!

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