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A red lawn mower in Springfield, IL that is trimming an overgrown residential lawn as part of a summer lawn care guide for maintenance.

Summer Lawn Care Guide for Homes in Springfield IL

Few things are more pleasant than spending quality time in your garden during the summer. If you’re a Springfield, IL, homeowner looking for help with lawn care, read on to discover how to get your lawn summer-ready. From seasonal lawn care to mowing and trimming, we’ll give you the lowdown on creating a lush and beautiful lawn that you can enjoy from sun up to sun down. 

Watering Your Lawn

Springfield summers are hot with temperatures regularly climbing into the high eighties. That’s great for topping up your tan but not for your lawn. It will need lots of water during the summer months to keep it looking its best. Water your lawn infrequently but deeply. In doing so, you’ll encourage drought tolerance and deep-root growth. If you haven’t got one already, consider investing in a sprinkler or irrigation system to ensure your lawn receives enough water. 

Summer Mowing

During the summer, you’ll want to set your lawnmower blades at a higher setting and aim to cut no more than a third of your lawn’s total height. Try to mow earlier in the day or evening when the sun is lower and the temperature is slightly cooler. Mowing and trimming in full sun could scorch the grass and create brown and yellow spots. And don’t throw away those grass clippings — scatter them over your lawn to provide nutrients and moisture. 

Using Fertilizer

You might have been told that your lawn only needs fertilizing once a year to keep it looking its best. At Wellman’s Lawn Care, we recommend applying a slow-release fertilizer in the spring and to continue applying fertilizer during the summer months at intervals of six to eight weeks. In doing so, you’ll be providing your lawn with all the nutrients it needs and promoting lush and sustained growth. 

Control Those Weeds

Another important aspect of lawn maintenance is weed control. Weeds can take over your lawn quickly if you are not vigilant. You can pull these out by hand or use a weed killer that eliminates the weed without killing your lawn. Look out for what is known as post-emergent weed killers. 

Letting the Air In

Another important aspect of seasonal lawn care is aeration. By aerating your lawn during the fall and spring, you’ll improve soil quality, reduce soil compaction, and give your grass the best possible foundations for growth. For lawn aeration services, contact Wellman’s Lawn Care in Springfield, IL.

Your Experts in Summer Lawn Care

If you’re considering lawn care in Springfield before summer rolls around, speak to the team here at Wellman’s Lawn Care. We offer a wide selection of landscaping and lawn care services to ensure your summer days are spent relaxing and not fretting about your lawn. From mowing and trimming to seasonal lawn care, we offer all the services you need in one place. Give our team a call at 217.502.2540 or contact us through our website to find out more about our seasonal lawn care services. We’re here to keep your lawn looking its best. 

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