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The Ultimate Guide to Fall Lawn Care

As the vibrant leaves of fall begin to blanket Springfield, IL, homeowners face the annual challenge of leaf removal and yard maintenance. At Wellman’s Lawn Care, we understand the importance of preparing your lawn for the changing seasons. In this blog, we’ll delve into our essential services, from leaf removal to aeration, weed control, and overseeding, to ensure your yard remains healthy and beautiful throughout the year. Say goodbye to hours of tedious leaf raking and hello to a thriving, lush lawn with our fall lawn care services.

Leave No Leaf Behind

While leaves in Springfield, IL can be beautiful in the fall, they can quickly become aggravating to have around your home. Leaves can become stuck in your gutters, leading to clogs and water damage on your roof, or when a big pile of leaves clumps up on the ground, it will block light and air from your yard, leaving you with dead grass and bare spots on your lawn. No homeowner enjoys spending hours raking the leaves in their yards. With Wellman’s Lawn Care, we provide leaf removal services to ensure your yard is cleared, and you don’t have to waste time raking up all the leaves or worry about dead spots of grass on your lawn.

Aerate Your Lawn

Soil can become compacted when the sun beats down on it, making it difficult for the grassroots to obtain oxygen, water, and fertilizer. With a professional Aeration Service, you can rejuvenate the look of your yard. This service will create small holes in the soil, allowing the roots of your grass to gain the nutrients it needs after suffering from the summertime heat. The best time to aerate your yard is during the beginning months of fall so it can get the boost it needs to return healthy in the springtime.

Weeding Out Your Weeds

Nothing is more aggravating than removing tricky weeds such as crabgrass from your lawn. The best time of year to protect yourself from weeds is during the fall time. Throughout the fall, weeds absorb as much energy as possible and return stronger in the springtime. When you contact Wellman’s Lawn Care, we will provide you with safe and effective weed control that will not cause any harm to your grass or flowers so that you can have more control over your lawn in the springtime.

Overseeding Advantages

If you notice brown patches around your yard or it’s beginning to look damaged, you could benefit from an overseeding service. The summer months in Springfield, IL can bring major heat to your yard and dry it out. With our over-seeding service, we will distribute new grass seeds over your whole yard. Fall time is one of the best times for overseeding to guarantee your lawn will survive the heat of the upcoming year and to ensure your yard reduces the number of weeds that will grow back. When you overseed your yard, you will, over time, begin to obtain a much fuller-looking yard.

For all your fall lawn care needs, contact Wellman’s Lawn Care today by calling 217.502.2540 to schedule services.

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